View Full Version : To Web-site or to Blog. To Blog or to Web-site, Huh!!!

23-06-2008, 05:11 PM
I've been thinking that I'd like to have my own website but as a newbie I've become totally confused with the choices(?) out there.

I want to share with the world my home town and area for various reasons some of which are:
I have all my family overseas and would like to share with them the beauty that is New Zealand.
I'd like to have varied content.
I'd like it not to look like my sons bedroom therefor I'd like some thing that does NOT look like my-space pages.
I'd like to give clear information to others that may be thinking of visiting my area.
I'd like it to be able to grow but not into one long continues snake like page like I've seen with some Blogs.
I'd like to embed pictures and/or video.
I'd like to discuss aspects of what I put up with others

Do I go a home page or a full site?
Do I set up a Blog, or a Blog within a site?
Do I set up different sites/blogs for different interests?
Are there rules as what to use when?
What can you do with a website that you cannot do with a Blog? Some of the Blogs I've seen look very much like a website, what is the cross over from a site to Blog or even a homepage on my ISP.Do people even have 'Homepages' anymore?

I've looked at Joomla and Wordpress. Should I be looking at something else. As this is a hobby project at the moment a professionally designed website is probably beyond my means. I need something I can change myself.

I know this is a ramble. Thats because I'm hoping the friendly people of PressF1 will help me clarify my mind on what direction to go. Whether I should start in one direction and then change as my needs change.. For instance if I wanted to set up a discussion forum like this one am I then limited to a website or can a forum be set up in a Blog.

Thanks for your input...... Robin

23-06-2008, 05:29 PM
In my option I think your best bet is to set-up a blog & start using it & then as the blog gets bigger on you then can see if you need a website & if you do need a website the blog can then turn it in to a full website that you can look after your self.

I home this helps :)

If you want a hand with this or have any more questions/info your welcome to PM me or e-mail me: stuartw77 [at] hotmail.com

23-06-2008, 09:39 PM
Agreed -- a Blog is probably the best way to start out. It allows you to put up thoughts, pictures, embedded videos -- all without having to know too much about making webpages!

Another option could be a Wiki -- it allows you to make pages that are easily editable online.

23-06-2008, 10:04 PM
A blog definitely! infinitely customizable.

I would recommend wordpress.com

23-06-2008, 10:28 PM
You could think about a web site with a forum.

Just another choice!

09-07-2008, 08:59 PM
Just want to say thanks.
PC been playing up the last few days!!