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05-05-2001, 01:47 AM
Problem goes like this: A virus has associated the .exe extension with a back orrifice program. McAfee deleted the back orrifice program, but I am unable to run any exe's, as they are still associated with the program. I cant use regedit to delete the key (its an exe), and I cant use view > folder options > file types, as the capacity to edit .exe is disabled. Any suggestions? (would merging the key as it should be replace the current settings, presuming i can find the correct key?)

05-05-2001, 10:20 PM
...if the virus/programme to which your exe's are still associated with was written in VB6 (?) - the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article might assist:


Good Luck...

05-05-2001, 11:36 PM
...or the following *Freeware* utility might help. It was written by Wilbert Hengst for viewing/editing file associations - and is especially useful as a recovery tool if some application's setup procedure takes over associations that it should have left alone: