View Full Version : MSN not connecting.

04-05-2001, 10:27 PM
Ok, here's the deal, my brothers always mucking round with all the computers and stuff, and we have to computers hooked with a serial cable. We were playing halflife over the serial cable and because it was going to slow my brother tried a whole lot of things to fix it controlpanel/system/ports/ etc.
His attempts at speeding up the two computers failed, infact it backfired, now for some reason when i try to connect to MSN (chatting service) it says it cannot detect an internet connection or the service is not responding. As with ICQ, which says relatively the same thing. Are this two things interrelated? The problem occured soon after my brothers attempts at speeding up the serial cable (the next time i tried establishing a connection with MSN & ICQ).
Does anyone out there know how to fix this problem?
Or is there someway i can reformat a section of the computer to try and start again. The computers not mine (my dads), so nothing to drastic. But any ideas and i'd be heaps grateful.
And i don't know too much about computers so if your gonna explain it too me use tiny little words that even i can understand.
Hehe thanks for reading, (and replying!!!)