View Full Version : MS Defrag / Norton Speeddisk Errors with Large Drive

04-05-2001, 09:27 AM
Has anyone else out there experienced problems using MS Defrag (Win98SE) or Norton System Works 2001 Speed Disk on a large (ie 20GB partition? Defrag simply will not run (gives me a 'Not enough memory to complete this operation') even when all apps excepts Systray and Explorer are closed down.
Norton Speed Disk, when running a Full Optimisation, runs for about 4 hours before giving me a 'Not enough Memory' error!. I have 128 MB, a 20GB drive and an 8 GB drive. Running on a PIII 800. Both programs work fine on the 8 GB drive...... I cannot find any reference to memory errors in Microsoft or Symantec knowledge bases. Anyone with any clues??? (By the way, this is on a clean install of Win 98SE!