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24-05-2008, 01:12 AM
Hey everyone. I've just set up a broadband connection with my new pc (vista). It appears that it has stopped working, that is after everything is connected it works, 55 updates were downloaded and installed, and after reboot, the internet decided not to work. All plugs are in, modem has been unplugged and replugged. The ethernet light on the modem flashes at a constant rate...does anyone know why it's not working?


p.s. modem is a DSL-302G, ISP is xtra. Broadband was installed using the disc supplied during connection a while back. By unplugging the ethernet from my vista pc and plugging it into my xp one, the internet works fine. It was also originally used for the xp pc.

Speedy Gonzales
24-05-2008, 07:43 AM
Doesnt sound like a BB prob then, if it works with XP.

It sounds lke a Vista prob somewhere

Go into the LAN properties in Vista and see what the XP LAN has / had

Do it manually setup cds are pretty hopeless.

Is the Vista pc the main pc now, instead of XP??

Or are both pc's still connected to this router with ethernet?

24-05-2008, 01:10 PM
Try this:
Enter into the address bar in your browser, then answer the password request with admin, admin (unless you've changed it), this will take you to your modem's setup wizard page (as long as it's plugged in/turned on!), set the time first, then type in your isp-supplied user name and password in the format username.xadsl@xtra.co.nz then your password, save and exit.
You need to do it this way cos Vista doesn't like the Xtra setup disk (I've just bought a Adsl2+ modem/router from Xtra, had a sticker on the box suggesting not to use the cd inside and to ring 127 and enter quick code 7657 for help to setup your modem, I didn't do that (I don't need no damn instructions :nerd: ) but you can if you want (they'll probably say what I just did)).
Also check your ethernet port/driver is still working (in Control Panel -> -> Device Manager), you may have downloaded a ethernet driver thru your Windows updates which has cocked it up (been known to happen!).

24-05-2008, 01:32 PM
Also go to Control panel>Internet options>Connections (tab)>Lan settings (button), and check 'Automatically detect settings' is on/ticked. :p
By the way, you can use that modem to hook up to the Interweb, via the USB side, to your XP machine if you want.