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17-02-1999, 10:48 PM
How do I configure Microsoft Personal WebServer?

Ive just installed Microsofts Personal WebServer and cant get it
to work properly.

After I installed the server its came up that my computers name
is 'locxvcym' and uses http://locxvcym/ for the path when searching for
html files. First off, I want to specify my own name for my computer
and there is no identification tab when I click the network icon
in the control panel. How do I change my computers name?

Secondly, When I try to view a web page by clicking on one of the options
in the Web Server dialog box, say for example the 'administration'
button, it keeps saying 'The web page you requested is not available
offline' if I click 'Connect' it trys to connect to my ISP and if I
click 'Stay Offline' it says 'Webpage unavailable offline'
How do I configure it so that it goes to the web pages on my hard drive
using http:\\name of my computer\path to an html file

Im running a standalone compaq presario with windows 95 and ie 4.01

Regards Mike...