View Full Version : Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font

13-09-1998, 09:24 PM
Recently I bought an Epsom Stylus Photo 700 which is I am really happy
with. I have a printer switch so I can still use my HP Deskjet500 for
the bulk of my b&w stuff. Anyway a strange thing happenned recently. I
had a word file which contained a scanned image - the file was 250k in
size. When I went to fax it, the message came up - 'Insufficient memory
or disk space. Unable to display required font'. I tried to print it to
the HP Deskjet (from Word97) and got the same message, however when I printed it to the Epsom it printed!

Have you got any ideas as to why this would happen. I have 64M of ram
and lots of HD space (1.7G free!). Is it something to do with virtual
mem or maybe an old printer driver?

I have a Pentium 200 running win95.