View Full Version : OpenOffice 2.4 multimedia and linux

19-05-2008, 11:34 AM
I have OpenOffice 2.4 running on Linux (Asus EEE PC - Xandros).
It works brilliantly.

I cannot get it to play videos.

Specifically I want it to play mp4 videos in impress.

1) The inbuilt player (mplayer) plays them okay.
i) it says : unsupported file format, install jmf.jar
ii) I install jmf.jar - it now hangs and I must <code>killall ooffice*</code>

jmf.jar is the JAVA Media Frame Work
I have tried:
1) installing the generic linux version from Sun
2) the optimised linux version from Sun
3) the Xandros version
4) extracting only jmf.jar and entering it as a class in OpenOffice

all 4 attempts result in an OpenOffice hang.

Has anyone got any videos to work in OpenOffice?
1) if so - what type?
2) what specific codec

Has anyone got mp4 to work in OpenOffice

The only option I can see is to create a macro calling a shell script to invoke the external mplayer, which seems like a huge great big fudge for something that should work...
The problem with this too, is that you then need to click on the macro icon, which is ugly.

Any ideas?