View Full Version : Most Peculiar: Folder of Word Docs turns into a Bin File!

Chemical Ali
17-05-2008, 09:47 PM
Hi All

A folder that I have on my USB flash drive has turned (somehow) into a BIN file( as shown in XP -- just shows as a file now under Vista)! I'm not sure how or why this has happened but it has and I'm desperately hoping that I can turn/convert back into a folder with the word docs inside (there were 6 of them).

This USB drive 'moves' in between 2 or 3 different PCs so wandering if something has happened there although I more strongly suspect that #@@!! Vista has something to do with it as the Vista PC that My missus popped it into last week stated (after connecting the drive) that the file structure was faulty (or something to that effect) and offered to scan and fix it which she duly accepted and clicked on accordingly.

Any ideas or suggestions?

18-05-2008, 12:38 AM
MagicISO is also a BIN extractor. MagicISO allows the users to open/edit/extract bin files. Just like processing ISO image file. and MagicISO also has ability to burn BIN file to CD-R/RW. If you are willing, you can convert BIN file to standard ISO image file.


Graham L
18-05-2008, 04:26 PM
I doubt if that sort of "magic" will help.

It appears that the file (which is what a directory is) has had a ".bin" extension added to its name in the "fix", and Windows won't try to use it as a directory. It will not have been converted to some form of ".bin" file which MagicISO will understand.

You could renaming it, but that probably won't help. There is an attribute which needs to be set to show that it is a directory.

One of the file recovery utilities might help.

By the way, it is a good idea to always use the recommended method and tell the OS that you intend to remove the USB device. The little bit of time you save by risking it is much less than time loss caused when (not "if") trouble happens.

Chemical Ali
18-05-2008, 07:22 PM
Cheers for the advice -- the USB drive is never removed without going through the 'remove hardware sfaely routinue.

I strongly suspect it's occurred when my missus has selected to allow Vista to scan & fix the drive (when it wasn't 'broke' and didn't need scanning/fixing!)
Damn Vista!!!

A folder full of word docs has turned into a file of unknown properties which can't be adjusted.

19-05-2008, 05:17 AM
drive compression utility? in my limited experience with drive space, it creates an invisible part with the file as a compressed BIN file which tells drivespace to show as a physical drive, i doubt its part of a compression utility but worth a shot. although if you do manage to get the stuff off there. reformat as fat32 or fat (if its smaller than 2048MiB) there isnt really much need for NT file system on a pendrive (also compatibility for 9x based systems)

19-05-2008, 01:34 PM
Yes it would have been vista's fault - I had this happen with a SD card from my camera, Vista told me it was buggered and offered to fix it.

Since all my other computers + camera + mp3 player could all read it perfectly fine, I declined.

If I had clicked OK no doubt I would have been screwed. Vista is very much a horrible piece of junk

But the filedata of those documents should all be in the BIN (Binary) file. It's just getting it out that's the hard part. If you open the BIN file in word, it might come up with most of your document data and then you can copy them out again into some other file.

Or perhaps some kind of recovery program might work?

19-05-2008, 02:10 PM
Argh! I used to have a program that could set things like that! But I can't remember the name of it! Windows sets attributes for directories, similar to what it does for files (eg archive, read only).

Edit: FileAlyzer! From the same people/person who makes Spybot S&D.
Just install FileAlyzer, and open up the file in it, and there should be an option to change the file to a directory. You can see what I mean here (http://images.snapfiles.com/screenfiles/filealyzer.gif)