View Full Version : More gotchas

14-05-2008, 09:51 PM
Went to a friend's to install xtra wireless modem/router. (Interestingly, no info on the modem's admin screen userid/password or IP no. in kit. Also, no info on the xtra account userid format for the modem. Surely a cheat sheet should be in the kit??). So, ping and yes, there it is. Enter IP# into IE7 - won't find anything. Damn. Running Norton 360 - damn again. Not that clued up on Norton's innards but thought what else could be stopping IE7 from finding

Eventually, in desperation, loaded FF. Hey, it worked first time. Nortons is absolved!

Anyway, tracked the IE7 problem to not having Java VM installed. The xtra install CD found it missing and installed it. Then it bombed out with some error or other before it got to prompting for userid and password!

Thank goodness hooking his laptop up via wireless went fine!