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Where is Adrian Bathgate now ?

Broadband providers ready to reduce prices

FRIDAY , 05 MAY 2006
High-speed internet for $10 a month complete with internet-based TV and video services are on
the cards within two years, according to internet service providers.

The Government's decision to regulate Telecom may have taken the industry by surprise, but
many providers spent yesterday coming up with plans as to how they could attract more customers.

Once they had unrestricted access to Telecom's network, they would immediately reduce prices
for broadband and offer faster access speeds, some said.

Allan Freeth, who heads Telecom's main rival, TelstraClear, said, "we're beginning to look at
the next steps". But he did not reveal specific plans, indicating only that things would be
much better for consumers, with more services for less cost.

However, many providers said they needed to see terms and conditions before they could say
what prices for internet, phone or TV services might be.

The Telecommunications Commissioner will be responsible for setting the price for which providers
can access services from Telecom.

For consumers, an entry-level broadband plan costs $29.95 if the customer has a phone line
and tolls with the same company, and it has a connection speed of 256 kilobits a second.

In a couple of years, a similar sort of plan could be 10 times faster at two to three megabits
a second, as much as half the price, and not have the requirement to have all the phone services
with the same company.

Providers could also use their own equipment to provide even faster speeds, up to 24 megabits a
second. With those speeds, internet-based voice services, digital TV over the internet and online
video stores are all possible.

Telecom would not comment about the Government's decision yesterday.

Australia went down this road in 1999 with unbundling. The network operator there, Telstra, now
has about 40 per cent share of the market, about half what Telecom has in NZ.

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Where is Adrian Bathgate now ?

Chief billboard designer for Tui.

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Thats exactly what I was going to say.

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Hey look - pink pigs flying past my window :)

And there's the Tooth Fairy as well.................

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I don't believe this news

The state how NZ broadband is at the moment .$10 a month?Who's gonna pay the rest to cover the cost

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Holy crap, I just saw a cow jump over the moon...

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Chief billboard designer for Tui.

:lol: - Excellent comeback :thumbs:

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How is/was Alan Bathgate ?

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How is/was Alan Bathgate ?
Perhaps living out his days in a home for the permanently bewildered???

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Pffft, you guys saw flying pigs and cows jumping over the moon? I just saw Helen Clark kissing a guy!

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I just saw Helen Clark kissing a guy!

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Bad Mental Image!!!! :lol:

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I just saw Helen Clark kissing a guy! And it's nowhere near the 5th of November!