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12-05-2008, 06:56 PM
Its been a while since ive visited these fine forums, so without any extra fussing about, here is my question;

My sister recently moved out and is now looking for an internet connection,
she was under the impression that since she has a telecom land line she is limited to a telecom internet connection, so i quickly set it straight.
her budget is roughly $40-50 a month for internet, less being better obviously.
Now the reason i come to you with this question is for the last 6 years ive been with telstra and while it suits my needs and the rest of my family (i live in a large household and my parents foster children, one of the reasons i also now have a domain), 10mbit and a 20+gig connection is overkill for her and the people she is now living with (lady in her late 20s and 2 girls, 10 and under).
so we were thinking a 3gig cap ought to be fine as my family without me uses 9-10gig in a typical month.
ive looked at telecoms website and they have a plan that looks like it woudl do the job for $30 a month but it only has 128k uploads.
while looking around i found xnet, and their voip service
$33.95 for FS/128k and $1.02 per gig
along with their voip service for $11.25 which doesnt use up your datacap (if you are with xnet for your isp)
so all up that would be $50.30 for a 5gig cap and my sister believes that they currently pay $40 a month for phone through telecom.

has anyone had any experience with this service?
i recon for light to medium users it would be the perfect service.
any other ideas would be appreciated

13-05-2008, 01:12 AM
If she is planning on getting rid of her Telecom line, then she'll need to go with a Naked DSL Connection (VFX Fusion) which costs slightly more, and also includes one line free per-month (As does VFX HSI).

If she's keeping her existing line, then she'll be able to use VFX HSI (High Speed Internet, also known as regular broadband) and have a 2nd number if she wants.

If she really wants to skimp and save, then it'll work out marginally cheaper on VFX Fusion, but that'll require her purchasing an ATA (Analogue Telephony Adapter) so she can use her existing phone with VoIP.

If this is all too much, then scrap the VFX idea, stick with just ADSL for broadband at a good price and get HSI.