View Full Version : ?Databse for longterm reseach

28-04-2001, 10:13 AM
I would like to know an opinion on what database/programming language to
collect data with over the next five years. The size would be approx
entries in mulitiple tables which is destined for the web and will be able
to be searched by anyone.
I happen to have access 97 but being knew to this there may be a different
program with more flexibility. I have no programming background and can't
afford to hire someone now. I can learn to use access 97 so can I use this
for data entry and then convert the database later? Or try starting on a better foot?

30-04-2001, 06:36 PM

I believe you are making the right choice using Access, as it is relatively easy to learn (as far as database languages go) and can be used as a front end and easily ported to higher end database software , for example an Access front end and SQL Server back end.