View Full Version : Installing ATI Radeon into HP Pavilion 8526

27-04-2001, 07:34 AM
Has anyone ever tried installing a new video card into a HP Pavilion 8526? I think I need to disable the onboard NVIDIA TNT video (it's built into the motherboard), but I can't find the jumper switch on the motherboard to do this. I have changed the BIOS setting to AGP as the source for the primary video adapter, uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers, and installed the latest ATI driver (and DirectX 8.0a) from their website, and the best the computer can do is freeze a couple of minutes after booting up. Meanwhile I am using it with the standard VGA driver in glorious 16 colours....

Can anyone help?

28-04-2001, 04:27 PM
Hi Ian,
don't fight that onboard card. If you can't disable it in the CMOS, and there is no documented jumper to change on the motherboard, just let it co-exist with the new one. Windows 98/ME/2000 support multiple displays, just set the radeon to be the primary display in the display properties. Update both adapters' drivers to their latest non beta releases, and look for a bios update for the HP, as they frequently pop up on the HP site.