View Full Version : System board device resource conflict

25-04-2001, 01:42 PM
I have a HP Pavilon computer from work.It is a 166MHz pentium with 32MB ram and 2 Hard drives 1.6GB and 4GB.
It was used as a server and had NT installed. I have it at home now and have formatted both hard disks and have loaded Windows 98 on the smaller,using the other Hard drive for storage.
Everything went fine but now instead of going through the POST set up on intial start I get 'System board device resource conflict' Press F1 for setup or ESC to boot.
Pressing ESC then boots the computer directly to the 98 startup screen and starts 98 with no problems.
What have I done wrong??
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks Dave

27-04-2001, 12:34 PM
hi dave.Do you get more beeps than one on setup.Those beep codes are indicators.sounds like since it boots,after a failed attempt, your bios may be directing the order of boot to drive 2 (viz 1st boot a,2nd #2) the win files must be on the root drive c: You may have configured the drives out of the original order and need to reset the order of boot in the bios, and save them on exit.If you are not happy working in the bios email me and I will give you exact instructions.all the best Alister.