View Full Version : PSU installation question - motherboard connectors

17-04-2008, 06:08 PM
I am replacing the power supply on my P4 computer with one I bought online. The one I ordered had 20/24 + 4 pin connectors, but got sent one with a 24 pin connectors instead. I contacted the shop and they said they'd send me a 24-20 pin adapter, which has (finally) arrived, and will fix the 24-to-20 problem just fine.

However, now that I go to install, I find that the smaller of the 2 motherboard connectors has 8 pins, and my present PSU has 4. There is room to put the 8-pin connector into the space on the motherboard, but it will lie hard over circuitry.

Question: is it ok to use an 8-pin connector in this case? And if not, what is the name of the adapter I should be looking for? (I can find 24-to-20 adapters online but not 8-to-4).

Thanks, appreciate any advice

17-04-2008, 06:25 PM
SOLVED - My husband had put the package of cables in a safe place, and gave me only the 24 to 20 adapter. There is also an 8 to 4 adapter included, so np