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24-04-2001, 08:24 PM
I have recently purchased a second hand computer with a Lucent Win 56K Voice/Fax/Data Modem. I reformatted the hard drive and loaded Windows ME and IE 5.5 Service Pack 1 from your CD. When I connected to the Internet I was blown away with the increase in browsing speed over my old computer which also has a 56K modem. According to the status window I was regurlarly connected at from 48,000 to 52,000bps and I was definitely browsing much faster.

Recently I installed Bitware from the Bitware CD which must have come with the computer when it was new. When I ran setup from the root directory, it turned out to be a setup for modem drivers (I discovered the other one later).

The problem is, from that point onwards according to the status window, I have only connected at 31,200bps.

It seems that some settings for the modem may have been changed when I accidently installed the drivers off the CD. I clicked Update Driver in the modem properties and Windows said that I had the best driver for the modem.

I not very experienced with this stuff, but I can't help thinking if some settings got changed, then Windows ME must have done something better when it set up the hardware after the install.

I would really appreciate some tips to get things back again.

I suppose I could always reformatt the hard drive and let Windows do it's stuff again.

25-04-2001, 12:42 PM
1/ Try going to the Control Panel/Modems & uninstalling the modem - reboot & see if ME will autodetect the correct modem.

2/ Alternatively go to the following site & download the latest Lucent modem drivers & install them ...


(The generic 5.97 modem driver update for LT Win Modems and LT Win PCI Modems.)

25-04-2001, 04:14 PM
I have had the EXACT same problem. I upgraded to WIndows ME and added a Lucent WinModem and it got extremly high speeds. But i also did the dumb thing and added the Drivers from the CD. I found that I could increase the speed when I bought a new phone cord. I went from the grand old speed of 31,200 right up to speeds like 47,777 (which I think is quite good for Zfree). Try buying a new phone cord which will eliminate the dust on the terminals which may have occured.

26-04-2001, 02:08 PM
Thank you very much for your help Al.

The first Option didn't work, but downloading from the web address you gave worked perfectly. Can you continually update your drivers when they have an update?

When I rebooted WinMe came up with a message which I can't remember exactly, but it was saying something like, it had detected a new (this is where my memory fails), it didn't mention modem or driver but the words 'voice' and 'wave' were there. When I clicked OK it brought up an 'Update Wizard', so I cancelled out of that. Next time I started up my computer it brought the same window up, so I thought I would see what it would do. When I clicked OK to auto search for the best driver, it tried to check the floppy drive and then said, no driver could be found, click Finish.

I wanted to see what the initial message said so I rebooted, but the no message came up. I guess this was because I had not cancelled the process last time. I'm just wondering if what Windows was talking about is some enhancement to my modem driver?

26-04-2001, 02:26 PM
Thanks very much for your reponse Matt. I hadn't thought of dust around the terminals; I must give them a good vacuum. It is interesting that a new cable helped as well.

Did you see the suggestion that Al gave?

I tried it; the first option didn't work, but downloading from the web address he gave worked like a dream. I am back to getting no slower than 48,000bps and sometimes 52,000, both on Zfree and ClearNet!

You should give it a go, you might get even more speed!