View Full Version : Enable Game Mode and 2nd life?

05-04-2008, 12:26 AM
Could some SL guru please advise me: when I go to SL my AVG firewall asks me to "enable Game mode?" what are the consequences of this for my security; and for the SL applications if I dont? Seems fine without it, but perhaps something is not enabled that Im unaware of.

Im frequently offered "freebies". If the donor is "name unknown" I dont accept; but if by a traceable name I might. Could this open me to phishing or malware?
Could just using SL open me to malware?

05-04-2008, 10:08 AM

This feature just improves your Gaming experience during online gaming
option is to automatically allow outgoing communication for full-screen applications, such as most modern online games.
This mode (Game Mode) can be enabled/disabled directly from the Firewall component in AVG Control Center.

Game mode allows you to not be bothered by warnings
( whether you want to allow or deny some programs to access some files or access the internet )

By turning game mode on, you won't be bothered while you play by AVG. You can set it to deny everything or accept everything.

05-04-2008, 10:22 AM
Game mode basically lets you can set it to allow all requests for when a fullscreen game is running if you can't minimise and see the alert etc, or if, more often, the alert pops up, screws up the game, you can't minimise or quit, and have to restart the computer.

Game mode prevents all that, but it's unsecure

If a virus decided to send all your email addresses to a server somewhere at the same time, your firewall would likely allow it as you set game mode to allow all.

I never use game mode (which is also in zonealarm), manually adding the game exe to the firewall allow list is much more secure and saves on headaches.

But as far as I know, 2nd life is not a fullscreen app, so you shouldn't even need to use game mode.