View Full Version : ie4's toolbar

15-02-1999, 09:33 AM
We have a small Intranet at work that allows evreyone to open up
read only forms off the server into their own web browser
They can then type in to the forms what they want and are required to
save the forms somewhere else (usually their own hard drive).
I use to have it so when they clicked
on a hyperlink in the intranet a form would open up in to the whole
of their browser.
This would then bring up another button called 'Tools' on the toolbar.
When you clicked on this button it would bring down words editing
tools so you could do stuff like font sizes, bullets, bold, etc...

I now have the forms opening up in to a frame in their web browsers
so staff can still see the intranets navigation menu. The problem is now
the 'tools' button doesn't appear anymore. You can right click any
where in the form and get a limited set of editing options, but I
want the 'Tools' button to be showing all the time.
The question is how do I modify the registry so that the 'Tools'
button is always showing on the toolbar?

We are using Microsoft explorer 4 web browsers.