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21-04-2001, 10:24 PM
I have a HP CD-Writer plus 8200i and have a problem with the CD-RW disks. The problem is that in two separate occasions, I have cut and pasted files from the cd-rw to the hard drive when all of a sudden I start getting error messages saying that certain files cannot be read from the specified device. Looking at the help files on this, it is due apparently to the drive stalling momentarily whilst copying big files to the CD in the first place. What does this all mean, and how can I help to avoid these errors as this is the second time this has happened. I tried using the thorough scan disk utility and even tried erasing the disk and starting again, but the bad sectors remain.

22-04-2001, 06:09 PM
I have the same drive and although I have not had these problems, (amongst others) I can give you some advice which you may or may not find helpful.

How powerful is your system ? my drive likes lots of grunt and can have a below avg performance when doing some file transfers.

How many 'programs' do you have open and are using with your CDRW transfering files ? People have a tendancy to have 'lots open'. I find I need to shut most things, ie games and internet, and just let the drive do its thing, meaning it may finish quicker without problems rather than run lots at once. If this is the case with your machine, try closing (use Ctr, Alt, Del if you need to) some of the programmes.

Are you using an up-to-date copy of directcd ? If your drive was new when they first released it, chances are you need a patch or something from the HP site.

There could also be problems with the setup of your pc and or drivers for the drive that aren't loaded properly or have become damaged. A good utility programme could possibly help here, ie Norton Systemworks or similar.

If all else fails, and you feel like you are getting nowhere, try the HP technical page, go to hp.com, and follow the links for the help page. I have used this before and they were very helpful.

Best of luck,