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16-03-2008, 08:04 AM
Hi Guys

I have 3 or 4 hard drives (Sata) with some data on that I want to swap around.

What is the best, easiest, cheapest was of mounting them and being able to access them via Windows XP ?

Speedy Gonzales
16-03-2008, 08:22 AM
Obviously the case has to accommodate more than 1 hdd.

If its got bays for more than 1 hdd, install them and screw them in. So, they dont fall out

And connect the data / power cable to all of them. Then Windows will see them. So, you can use them. Thats if the mobo has 3-4 SATA connections.

It also depends if the mobo supports SATA 1 or 2. If it only supports SATA 1, you'll have to switch the hdds to SATA 1 mode.

If the hdd's are SATA 2.

But if the mobo supports SATA 2 and the hdds are SATA 2. Then all you have to do is connect them.

16-03-2008, 08:41 AM
What Speedy said. The best way is to install them into the PC, but if you are unable to (PC doesn't have SATA, case is too small etc, you haven't given much info on the PC you plan to install them in...)

If it is not possible to install them into the PC, a SATA to USB adapter will probably be the best way.

16-03-2008, 08:52 AM
Since they are all sata it is easy enough.

If you want them in permanently then fit them into the case if you have enough case space.

If it is just short term then just lay them on the floor beside the case and connect them up.

If you have enough sata ports on your motherboard and power connectors then no problem you can run them all, if not then you can get a sata card with an extra 2 or 4 ports and connect them to that.

I have 2 Sata PCI cards and have 7 HDD's in my PC Case. Some IDE some Sata.

You will have to check the boot order in BIOS when you start up if it does not boot into XP though.

16-03-2008, 02:28 PM
..just a note:

Make sure the PSU is up to the new loads too.

17-03-2008, 10:32 AM
Thanks guys for all the info

I was thinking of buying a special unit or box, but I will probably do as you suggest and just hang them on the floor with some sata cables.