View Full Version : Auto complete in Windows Mail(Vista Home Premium)

28-02-2008, 04:35 PM
Hi guys.
My wife insists on using the auto complete feature in Widows Mail. It is not working correctly. It doesnt bring up all options or addresses according to the spelling when you start typing the name.
At her work she uses Outlook and wants Mail to do the same.
The auto complete feature is turned on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting earache:waughh:


29-02-2008, 02:38 PM
Looks like it's a bit dodgy, sometimes will work sometimes not. Possibly it only works with the last approx. 15 addresses you've sent mail to.

Double check the settings in Tools/Options/Send, make sure you've definitely got autocomplete selected.

There's no real fix for it yet, very lame on Microsoft's part. They shouldn't have stuffed it up in the first place.

I personally would use Outlook (if you have Office) or Thunderbird, neither of which have that problem.