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24-02-2008, 11:41 PM
I want to be able to access my desktop from other computers using the WXP Remote Access Service. I've read the XP Help & Support pages & note that it is possible to transfer files this way, cut & paste to a folder in the computer I would be using to remotely access my computer.
How large a transfer is possible, 500MB? ...more? I would be using Broadband on both computers.
Basically, I want to transfer a 500- 1Gb folder that contains up to 400 files.
I know that Yahoo Live Messenger 8 allows a file/folder transfer up to 1Gb while using the Instant Messaging service, but don't think that it's possible to get the transfer using an Internet Download Manager to safegaurd against a power or internet cutout & consequent loss of all that was in process of being transferred
Huh! I don't know if I can use a download manager with RAS either, would I need to use an IDM ?
I've looked at a couple of the other options,i.e. LogMeIn, BeAnyWhere, DropSend etc. RAS should be capable of the task,yes? No?
RAS looks a bit tricky to set up,(my being a NooB,ha-ha) but, I'm about to Google-up some info on it.
Any advice welcome, thanks.

HP Compaq Presario S3010AN (PC)
AMD Athlon XP2000+ (1.67GHz)
768Mb DDR (PC2100)

ps. a chap I know used DropSend to send 2 folders containing about 700MB of music files to another computer. Using Broadband, 5 hours later with 3Mb left to transfer it hung there for 30minutes. Then informed him the transfer had failed. No files at the other end, so I wonder where 697MB of music files are then,now.

25-02-2008, 06:27 PM
Remote Desktop is fairly reliable on PC's which are on the same network, say like a company or home network.

I have 2 XP boxes and I use remote connections to managed the secondary one which is acting as my file server. Haven't any any issues with it at all.

I wouldn't vest too much confidence in doing remote connections over the Internet. I only say this because the NZ ADSL offering is quite unstable and as you have pointed out in your post you may find yourself with 1% to go on a transfer and the connection will drop off.

So in general if your copying files between computers on the same network your shouldn't have any problems, however I would make use of network share drives rather than copy and paste between sessions.

Hope that helps.


27-02-2008, 01:39 AM
Thanks for the advice,chiefnz.
Since I posted my query, I have googled and viewed a lot of how-to's etc, and apologise for my late response to your reply.
I'm a bit 2 minded about sending large files(up to 1GB, say)over the internet. They're not life or death situations and with the amount of time/cost of sending them Broadband, a Data CD or DVD disc be accessed in 1 to 2 days using NZ Post.
Having said that, I set my com up for Remote Desktop. I also installed a Free ,unlimited file transfer program "Tirminal'. I'm a bit 'iffy' about it though as my Comodo Firewall Pro had just updated to a new version and for some reason(?) I have to go through the complete "'Training/allow/disallow" programs setup etc,again. What I noticed in the alerts is that "Tirminal" is attempting to gain direct access/control of my keyboard; warning that this can be Keylogger behaviour. Not that I now anything about Keylogging except that its not healthy.
Before I become verbose, or make myself open to a suit for Libel, I'll finish by saying I will look into network share drives, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

27-02-2008, 02:49 AM
A lot of things demand access to the Keyboard. Comodo3 keeps screaming that about Firefox, doesn't mean that its a keylogging program, it just means that you're typing something and FF wants to get access to what I'm typing.