View Full Version : Business Contact Manager and Office 2007

23-02-2008, 04:59 PM
A recent update added either or both teh BCM support and an update for W2007.

Running VISTA Homebasic on Toshiba Satellite

Laptop is primarily used for displaying Video clips, Music and Song lyrics for our church so we have no use for Outlook or Ofice other than Powerpoiunt and Word.

SInce the update, an error is posted whenever an Office application is started. Ultimately indicating that a file mssmlbiz.msi is not present. The message reqestedinserting a disk but I have none and I was not even aware we had installed the Business Contact Module.

I have tried to uninstall BCM but it askes for the SQL server to be unloaded and reinstalled but that is also inhibited.

Have tried to search MS sites but havn't found anything useful.

Has anyone else seen this.?