View Full Version : CPU Lockups

15-04-2001, 01:05 AM
I bought a new kitset a week back. Everything seems to work well, except that the system seems to hard-crash 'randomly'. This behaviour might attribute to incompatibility of the CPU with the motherboard. I checked the manual for my motherboard, which advises me that the BC133KT-100 motherboard only supports frequencies up to 1Ghz, for the Athlon chip, ( i have a 1.2Ghz) but reserves support for higher frequencies (what does that mean?). I updated drivers for essentially everything in my system, including an update to the system BIOS, but to no avail. Are there any boards that readily support 1.2Ghz Athlon Thunderbird CPU, or am I missing something here?

My system consists of
D-Link v.90/56k modem
Tornado nVidia Vanta 16mb 3D
BCM BC133KT-100 motherboard with VIA KT133Mhz chipset
Soundblaster Live! DTT
2 hard drives ATA100 and ATA66
Windows 98 SE

These crashes are getting upsetting at times. I am quite certain, that it's not a software problem, as the system crashes when i play Deus Ex (a EAX enabled game), Thief 2 (another EAX enabled game), Age of Kings (a non-EAX eanabled game), and when I watch video, surfing, system startup, even when clicking a harmless button in a standard window.. There is no rules that when the system tends to lock up, it just locks up at will at any time.

Please help.

PS. I didn't overclock the CPU, as I know doing so might cause the lockups described above, which is why it's so odd here.