View Full Version : Resume Downloads in IE 5.5 SP-1

13-04-2001, 04:20 PM
Can anyone confirm that IE 5.5 SP1 now resumes broken downloads? I hardly trusted my eyes when I found out that it seems to do that!

I had my Internet connection shutting down on me during several downloads in the past few weeks, and each time I restarted the download afterwards, Internet Explorer resumed the download exactly where it was left before. I have not tried using any of these (potentially corrupted) downloads until I can find an official confirmation for this feature. It might, after all, be a faulty mirage somewhere. I have scanned the Microsoft Site and this PC World Site for any Info on a 'Resume' feature in IE 5.5 - all in vain. Even the IE Help itself is particularly unhelpful, in many ways anyway.

All I can find on Microsoft is, that apparently their IE SETUP (if you download it from their website) can resume itself (!) if it breaks during download. But this is not the same as when IE, once set up, can resume downloads of other material.

I should have thought that, if Microsoft IE can resume broken downloads correctly and reliably(!), that MS would have blared it out very noisily a long time ago. Why that silence on it?

14-04-2001, 04:31 PM
It's done that since IE4. Search for 'resume' at microsoft.com/ie.