View Full Version : My PC regonises files from DVD only as MPEG files

03-02-2008, 06:30 AM
when i insert a dvd into my dvd rom it recognises it only as mpeg files, not as vob. so, when i use dvd decrypter to copy the dvd to my hdd so i don't always have to insert the dvd when i wanna watch the movie, a program like power dvd doesn't give me the option to open the entire dvd from hard drive. i have to manually each of the vob files in order to watch the movie. so every 40 min or so, i have to stop and manually open another file to continue watching the movie.

very very annoying is all i can say. would anyone have idea why my pc doesn't recognise the dvd files as vob files? it actually did used to do it, but now it doesn't, i've done nothing major to my pc over the past few months or so, so i have no idea what the prob is. in case if it's of any relevance, i have win xp pro, and a lite-on dvd-rw.

03-02-2008, 08:55 PM
i just wanna watch movies from my hdd after i returned the dvd to the rentral store, i'm not interested in any piracy stuff as in making illegal copies of dvd's.Well that is piracy and you are making an illegal copy of the movie. Giving advice or asking advice on piracy is not permitted on this forum.

Thread closed.

I've removed the all the replies as well on this thread. I do realise not all were on giving advice on how to illegally copy a movie.