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31-01-2008, 12:06 AM
Hi there,

I am looking to install a new (second) optical drive in my dad's computer. He has a Dell Dimension 4550, 6 years old, win xp home.

I should know this, but have read conflicting things about connecting drives. I don't want to buy a drive just to find that it cannot be installed in the computer due to changes in technology. So basically I need to know if the connectors to the motherboard are standardised. Or is it like HDD's where newer drives use newer technology (IDE vs SATA?).

Thanks for your help in advance,


31-01-2008, 07:35 AM
You shouldn't have too much of a problem. IDE is still around for drives - optical ones far more than hard drives - SATA is in the minority there still for some reason. If you're installing the 2nd drive for (optical-optical) copying purposes you should try to keep the new one on a separate controller (cable) from the other. That's more likely to cause you installation problems, as you'll have to muck around with *&#%$@^* ribbon cables, and you'll inevitably find that the cable you want to use (whether the existing CD one or especially the HD one) will be just too short/fiddly to fit the new drive in its bay.

Actually, you should be OK with one or the other - just remember to set your master/slave links appropriately (often the existing CD will be a slave on its own cable & the HD will be a master on its - your Dad's PC will be too old to have SATA).