View Full Version : initialising UsB 2.0 backup HDD

09-01-2008, 03:42 AM
I need help to initialise a HDD

My computer just dose not recognise the external HDD probably because it is not initialised

I have tried a USB 2.0 connection but that failed

what should i now try ?

09-01-2008, 05:02 AM
Welcome to PressF1.

Is this a brand new hard drive, or does it already contain data?

If it is brand new, then it needs to be initialised and formatted before use. You don't mention what operating system you are using, so I will assume WinXP. Go to Start > Run and enter in diskmgmt.msc. This gives you access to the Disk Management program in XP. You should see your external drive displayed. By right-clicking over the drive you should see options for initialising, partitioning and formatting. Formatting the drive will remove all existing data.

If the drive already contains data, then what operating system are you using and does it work on a different computer?

Let us know how you get on.

10-01-2008, 08:48 AM
I have tried the normal procedure and am using Xp

teh problem is taht my computer just doesnt recognise the extrenal hard disk which is not initialised

I need to know how to initialse the hard disk

10-01-2008, 09:31 AM
I have tried the normal procedure and am using Xp

What do you mean by "the normal procedure"? Does Disk Management not show a new drive letter at all?

Please be more specific about what you have tried. Did you follow Jen's instructions completely?