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07-04-2001, 04:43 PM
My sister has an old (1985?)Compaq running Windows 3.1 with a 14.4 modem. She is currently paying for a Sky/Xtra package and would love to have access to e-mail.
We were unsuccessful in installing the join Xtra disk and so the nice people at Xtra tried to talk us through it. The upshot was that although Xtra try to be as backward compatible as possible they only go as far back as Windows 3.1.1 so we could not proceed (a fact that wasn't explained to my sister when she signed up).
She plans to buy a new computer in the next year or so but does not wish to spend a lot of money on the one she has now.
She obviously needs to upgrade to some degree (Win 3.1.1, Win 95 ?), within the constraints of her current system. Could someone please tell me what her best option would be.

08-04-2001, 07:09 PM
...this really depends on what speed the computer is, windows 95 can run fine on a 486 with 16MB of RAM and at least 100MB hard drive. If you have at least these requirements, i suggest you upgrade to 95. If not, Windows 3.1 can support the internet fine, you need to get a few thing first, to go tucows and look under the win3.1 section on internet. It should tell you which files you need to get.
As far as email goes, you probably need to get something from the net and put it on disk and transfer it to the win3.1 machine. Hope this helped. Leon

10-04-2001, 07:07 PM
pressed the wrong button
see Win3.1/Internet for my response.