View Full Version : Fastbrowser Hassles.

06-04-2001, 03:48 PM
I recently installed a browser called Fastbrowser which although not half bad, has taken over control of my desktop shortcuts and links. I have tried uninstalling it but when I click on an internet desktop shortcut i get a popup message saying that my pc is looking for the deleted Fastbrowser. I have tried reinstalling I.Explorer to no avail...Please help or all in the flat will kill me. I want I.E or Netscape back as my default browser. Even when I tell I.Explorer that it is the default browser this @#$%)*& Fastbrowser starts up. It is a good browser but I dont want it to control everything...Please help...

06-04-2001, 06:30 PM
Hi Nicola,
it could be the file association for html files (web pages) is pointing at the fastbrowser program. Try right clicking the shortcut that launches fastbrowser and click 'open with' if it is available, then pick IE or netscape and put a tick in the 'Always use this program to open files of this type' box. There are many different ways to change file associations depending on what version of windows you are running.

11-04-2001, 08:56 PM
Hmmm! A friend of mine had a similar issue with Bonzo Buddy. Eventually tracked it down to an entry in the Registry. Blew this entry away and with it went Bonzo Buddy...
If you are confident with the Registry then you can run a search for Fastbrowser to see if this comes up as an entry...then after backing up the registry you can delete the Fstbrowser entry.
However the usual caveat applies when tinkering with the registry, if you are not confident then don't do it, get someone else to.