View Full Version : Error messages at startup

05-04-2001, 10:57 AM
1. Error starting programme. The ICQSOCK.DLL file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6467

2. Error starting programme.
The MHPEBC.DLL file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6880

3. Microsoft Graphics Studio Reminder could not interface to MHPEBC.DLL

4. Run time error 216
at 00004E62

This last one appears intermittently and I have to shut down and restart the computer

Hope you can help a beginner


05-04-2001, 11:40 AM
Have you recently uninstalled something? or been deleting from your windows folder?

Either reinstall ICQ to reinstall that mfc42.dll file, or download it/copy that file from a friend to your windows/system folder.

Also easiest way to fix most things is to reinstall whatever is having the problem. So reinstall Graphics Stusio also.

The last error requires a little more investigation, perhaps it will be solved by fixing the other three, but your machine is sounding a little unstable. If it has a recovery CD this may be the time to think about using it :)

05-04-2001, 01:07 PM
You can also download the missing runtime file mfc42.dll from :
click on VB Runtimes to get to the files. It may pay you to re-install both packages, mfc40.zip and mfc4261.zip in case any others are also missing.