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17-12-2007, 04:45 PM
Hey, I am looking to buy a TV Card for my Media Center Edition HP computer, and don't know enough about them to make a decision. The main thing im currently looking for is one that can receive the sky digital channel from my lounge.

The computer is too far away from the sky box thing in my lounge, and no sky outlet plug-in things near the computer, however the computer is near a window which is close to the sky digital satellite thing, so Would i be able to plug a wire in from the sky dish into my pc to receive a sky channel? Or is there a wireless setup I could use?

I know that i won't be able to change the sky channel from my TV, and will only be able to watch the channel from the sky, but i still think it would be neat :thumbs:

And if this isn't possible, are there any cards you recommend?
How is the quality compared to TV's?
Or is it just better to buy a tv?

Thankyou very much for reading, and help is much appreciated :D


17-12-2007, 05:03 PM
You can't plug the sky dish into your PC, but your PC can accept a feed from the sky set-top box. I have mine set to feed composite video, audio, and IR signalling to/from the media PC over around 25m of cat5 network cable - works fine, and the picture quality is superb.

Cat5 isn't really supposed to be used for analogue video, but it works for me - can't tell the difference between the cat5 and the coax I used to have.

17-12-2007, 05:55 PM
If you got a digital tuner (DVB-S), you can hook that up to the dish and you could get freeview channels, also if you got an analogue tuner, you could hook it up to the analogue antenna and get all the normal channels a TV can get. Or get a Hybrid tuner and have both functions.

I am the same as Bletch with my setup, Sky decoder out going to RCA input on my tuner.

If all you want is to watch TV, then a TV would be better and cheaper to run.

But if you want to record TV and watch the recordings etc, a media PC would be better IMO.

You could always get a wireless A/V transmitter/reciever to go from the Sky decoder to the TV tuner...