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04-04-2001, 03:26 PM
I have an Athlon 1000 and a P 166 MMX net worked with an 100/10 Mbits ethernet card with a cross over cable.
The only problem arise when I tried to access my p 166's file from my 1000 it takes something like 30 sec just to open a directory!!! I have used an modem tweak program before and I have tried to put the settings back on default, but no effect.....
both com is running win 98 se...plz help ...thx

04-04-2001, 07:05 PM
hi Bill, you need to check the properties of each network card to ensure the
settings are the same on both . control panel, network
select the adaptor and click properties, advanced tab
depending on the card and driver will depend on the options ,for a simple x over
i would run full duplex ...
ok restart after changing anything and if no different
then we need to look at what
network protocol you are using.My own preference is TCP/IP , assign each a unique
IP address , say
and the other
make sure you have file and print sharing for microsoft networks as well , give the
workgroup the same name , and presto it should work !
One thing i found with older machines also (bit drastic, but it cured a heap of probs)
was to format and reinstall the OS on the older machine ,
guess it comes down to how patient you are . let me know if I can help further !