View Full Version : Syncing Outlook 2k7

11-12-2007, 02:10 PM
is there a way to sync 2 pc's both running office 2007, so that the oulook mail, contacts etc are identical? cpyin a .pst file back and forth isnt the best way and half the time i forget to do it. Since i interchange frm laptop to pc, id like to have them the same. Is there a free program that wud do it?

11-12-2007, 05:47 PM
I have installed This here (http://www.outlooksync.com/products/pstsync/pstsync-overview.html) on several customers machines running Office / Outlook 2003 and it works great over a network or by cross over cable - it says its Office 2007 capable so it should work OK. Its not free, (59.99 USA) but there is a trial to see if you like it and a there is a flash demo on the left to show you how to work it.

Heres the Trial Limitations
Trial versions of PSTSync will expire in 15 days from installation.
Trial versions of PSTSync will allow you to synchronize one outlook folder at a time.
Trial versions of PSTSync will synchronize maximum 300 items.
Trial versions of PSTSync do not allow use of SmartMove & SmartCopy
If you are a registered user of PSTSync, You will not have any trial limitations. 1 Licence is designed to go on 2 PC's.

I have tried several Free ones and they simply either dont work correctly or damn awkward to use.