View Full Version : C drive showing as a logical drive and D as Primary

Neil McC
27-11-2007, 03:12 PM
in Acronis Disc Director.(and True Image).
Any ideas on what might happen if I select to reverse these settings,(with ADD) as I understand that the primary is the one to boot off?
This is how it came to me from the builder 2 years ago.I'm aiming to make a clone of the drive as a backup,seeing how I've just had to install a new drive for a friend.Luckily I had made an image of her drive a few weeks ago, so she just lost some emails.
I've already done a clone onto a new 320G drive, which reminded me that the partitions are aaf.

Graham L
27-11-2007, 03:53 PM
The "primary" and "logical" descriptions are indications of the type of partitions you have. You can have only four partitions on a physical disk, either "primary" or "extended". A primary partition is a single "disk".

Extended partitions were "invented" because physical disk capacities grew faster than DOS's ability to handle them. ;) An extended partition can contain a number of logical partitions, each of which is a "disk".

If you do fdisk /status you should see that the C "disk" is marked as "bootable". That is what determines which "disk" is booted from (or where a boot manager is to be found).

Neil McC
27-11-2007, 05:58 PM
Thanks Graham.
Acronis Disk Director is showing on my first drive....

Disk 1
Unallocated 7MB
NTFS(C) 55GB........................coloured as a logical partition
Local disc (D) Pri,Act. 98GB....coloured as a primary partition

Disk 2
First E (E).....Pri,Act. 232GB...............coloured as a primary partition

So I'm assuming that C drive is an extended partition containing a logical partition?

The main thing I want to know is if I do a clone of the present setup to another drive will it still work ok?
I know, try it and see!! Trouble is I like things to be as they should be!!
Not sure how to do an fdisk/status.:confused: Looks a little dangerous!

Graham L
29-11-2007, 03:13 PM
fdisk /status is the safest way to run fdisk from the command line. It doesn't want any keyboard input. It just shows the disk status.

Your "C disk" is the only logical drive in an extended partition.

It's unnecessary for it to be in an extended partition, but that doesn't do any harm, either. The information in the partition table is looked at once by the boot code in the BIOS, then onvcce by the OS which needs to know ehere "disks" are.

A clone should be exactly the same. ;)

Neil McC
29-11-2007, 04:27 PM
Thanks Graham,I'll sleep better now:D
Have a friend who swears black and blue that C/boot drive can only be on a primary partition.
Still trying to work out how to do the fdisk /status on my XP.Just had a look on Google and this post is shown there.Scary.
Thanks again.