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29-03-2001, 10:42 PM
95 was seizing up too often due to bugs unknown so installed late version of 98. Citoh dot matrix worked fine with 95 on the Centronics port. I presume port designation was LPT1. When printer driver installed in 98, the install wizard only gave com1, com2 and file as port choices. Cheers, I can change it later from the printer properties box. But LPT1 not there as a choice either. So I click on add new port. When asked for name I enter LPT1. Message says LPT1 is an invalid port name. So I call it Printer Port. It accepts this but calls it 'Printer Port (Unknown local port)'. A test print produces no response from the printer.

A look in system device manager revealed the printer port had a resorce conflict with my ISA sound card. I shifted the printer port to a different config setting. Still no test print. I tried to delete the port, (in the printer properties/details box) but it gives message 'This port is currently in use by a printer and and cannot be removed. Make sure no printer is connected to this port.' A print job purge and unplugging the printer comms cable didn't help.

Next I returned the printer resouce config to its original setting and shifted the resource setting of the sound card. Still no joy. It gets a bit confused after that but amongst the things I tried was reinstalling the printer and in Systems Properties device manager removing printer port. I clicked on refresh. I think it was when I did that it gave me an LPT2. Still no print, still I can't delete printer port from the printer properties. It now has LPT2 aamongst the ports avaliable but no print from that. (Only one parallel port on pc.) The printer has no serial port. (Are used by mouse and modem anyway.) Any assistance appreciated.

30-03-2001, 02:25 PM
You may have a resource conflict, but first check in your BIOS that the LPT1 parallel port is enabled.
The standard settings for LPT1 are IRQ=7, Base I/O address =378h. Dont let your sound card grab these. You may need to manually set resources in Device Manager. If you are using any ISA cards, you may need to re-set your BIOS to recognise ISA legacy devices in order to over-ride the resources that Windows may unintelligently select for you.

03-04-2001, 07:24 PM
Thanks for your help Terry. Yes, assigning IRQ5 to Legacy ISA in the CMOS setups and shifting the sound card to IRQ5 in Device Manager, plus removing LPT2 in Device Manager then doing a refresh (which gave me an LPT1) was what was needed. I still have that unknown local port amongst my options to print to, but I guess that is of no significance.