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21-11-2007, 08:25 AM
I dual boot XP on one HHD and Vista on another. I have used Vistbootpro so that I can select either operating system.

I have used Acronis 10 to backup both systems to third, small HHD.

Last night Vista was slow. I was using Solitaire and received a message in the middle of the game to say slc.dll was missing. I was able to use XP to look at the Windows/System32 and saw slc.dll was still there. I could not access any Document files as access was denied, can I over-ride this? The mouse when clicked took several attempts to activate commands and finally in frustration I re-booted back to Vista.

Vista had gone! I got into a loop that asked me to boot to safe, last known good config or to start normally. I tried all three but ended up back in the same loop, time and again.

I tried to use the DVD (Home Premium) to fix errors but the message was that it could not fix the problem.

I tried to restore the Acronis backup and got a message that there was an error with MTF mapping, I didn't take the message number as I should have.

Can I try and restore from Acronis to another partition?

Should I disconnect the XP HHD whilst I do this?

Any suggestions would be appreciated as it looks to me that I will need to start from scratch and rebuild.

21-11-2007, 08:43 AM
Oh er. Not good.

See here:

and here:

21-11-2007, 08:55 AM
While not certain, what you are describing sounds uncomfortably like a drive failure or a corrupt partition / filesystem - I hope your image includes file backups rather than just the OS. If not, back up important data ASAP.

Once you have done this, follow the steps pctek has posted. This will hopefully resolve the problem, but bear in mind that it may not necessarily be the issue; the drive itself may be failing rather than simply having a corrupt partition.