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20-11-2007, 10:17 PM
Hey guys I have a problem and I've heard you're the best so here goes.

Basically I was using Paragon Partition Manager to move and reallocate my paritions while using vista. Unfortunately during the procedure it crashed, subsequent to this, on startup it told me to insert the recovery disk, which I did. This lead to me being able to boot normally. But when I booted I couldn't see the partition. So I went back into Paragon Partition Manager, and I recovered the partition and CHKDSK on nextboot did some stuff. Now I can see the partition and all the files. The problem however arises when I attempt to open anything on the partition, instead of opening what I want to open its either corrupt or it opens something completely different. Some stuff escaped unscathed, but large chunks are corrupt. So it seems all the data is there but it is muddled up.

Is there any possible fix for this, your help would be much appreciated. :)

21-11-2007, 08:18 AM
Welcome to PressF1. Looking at whats happened, and all the data being either damaged or deleted - in a muddle, after a "bad time to crash" while doing the partition, personally I would recover what data you can to a removable media, wipe the drive and start from a fresh Install. Then check each piece of data you want to put back to make sure its working OK - as expected.

Simply because you could spend days trying to fix every little fault only to miss something and it "comes back to bite ya"!

21-11-2007, 10:50 AM
How important is the data?

It sounds like your FAT (or whatever it's called in NTFS partitions :p) is rather damaged. The good news is that all your data will be intact, but the part of the drive that references this data is not.

You might need to invest in a copy of GetDataBack. It costs a bit (around $100 from memory) but it is the best data recovery software I have ever used and it is worth every cent. It will find the data itself, by scanning the drive sector by sector, so partition damage etc won't affect it.

Then you can copy everything off, and start again. I'd suggest deleting the partition and recreating it.

21-11-2007, 04:51 PM
Thanks very much for the help guys, yeah there is some pretty important stuff is on there, I will buy a copy of getdataback. Thanks again for your help :thumbs:

21-11-2007, 07:34 PM
theres also a free one called recuva

i tried it once but i dont know how it works the stuff all comes up in nerdy codes that i dont understand

21-11-2007, 08:04 PM
This one Download Here (http://www.pcinspector.de/Sites/file_recovery/info.htm?language=1) works quite well, Don't know if it supports Vista - but I think the GetData back that george suggested works better - thats what I use as well.

23-11-2007, 03:46 PM
Very Important
If you are serious about data recovery, stop using the hard drive
DO NOT load any software on it, turn the PC off
Borrow another PC & put your HD in it as a 2nd disk, then do the data recovery.

Data recovery programs may require another drive to copy the recovered data to.

Admittedly,this makes it harder if you have limited resources, but otherwise you may overwrite recoverable files (or just make things worse)
If youre after Doc's, then you may need to extract the text out of corrupted
files (they may not be recovered with a recognisable filename or extension)

I'll 2nd 'GetDataBack', & 'R-Studio' for good data recovery programs.
I think you can download the demo's, find but NOT recover in the demo versions, so you can try them & see what they can recover before paying.

23-11-2007, 04:34 PM
I think you can download the demo's, find but NOT recover in the demo versions, so you can try them & see what they can recover before paying. Thats Correct for getData Back don't know about R-Studio - never tried it.