View Full Version : Vista Blue Screen Error! Help!

04-11-2007, 09:17 AM
I recently got a brand new computer running Windows Vista Ultimate and its been fine for the last month but suddenly its been crashing constantly on start-up!

It crashes about 3/4 of the time starting up and then crashes randomly thereafter.

I really need help on this, the only information I can get on the error before it reboots is; "Invalid_process_attach_attempt"

intel hunter
04-11-2007, 10:09 AM
Google is your friend. Apparently this is what caused it.

From Microsoft.
This problem occurs because a coding error in the Http.sys file causes stack corruption. This problem occurs if the following conditions are true: TDI filter drivers are installed on your computer. TDI filter drivers are typically installed by antivirus or firewall programs.
The installed TDI filter drivers return STATUS_PENDING to the TDI_SET_EVENT_HANDLER I/O request, so that the call is processed as an asyncronous APC.
A coding error in the Http.sys file may cause stack corruption when the TDI filter driver finishes processing the TDI_SET_EVENT_HANDLER I/O request asynchronously on a different thread. The stack for the original thread is overwritten when the I/O request is processed. This causes the Stop error message.

Note This problem does not occur with the original released version of Windows XP or with Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1).


04-11-2007, 10:22 AM
Found several other reasons as well as what IntelHunter put - but to put it in english - you have some damaged files some place. Could be programs installed like Antivirus or could be Vista its self.

To check once you have the PC running in either normal mode, or safe mode (press F8 on startup to enter safe mode) run chkdsk.

Now chkdsk wont work from command prompt like XP does. BUT heres how / Easiest way in Vista

Double click on Computer find you Hard Drive RIGHT click it, select Properties / Tools / Check Now / Select Fix File System ..... (you can tick the other as well if you want a full drive scan but it will take longer) then agree to run when rebooted.

Reboot the PC, it will load some of the drivers ( green bar moves across) then goes to a black screen- white writing (touch Nothing) and will run chkdsk. It may ask for the Vista DVD at some stage, so have it ready.

May take some time depending on how much data and size of drive. When finished it will reboot. hopefully that will fix it.

If not its another software issue.

Come back and we'll advice on other things to look at.