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25-03-2001, 12:59 PM
I've been seeing the term 'clipboard' bandied about by those in the know and am wondering just what is it? I've just downloaded a tray calendar which copies the current date to your clipboard if you click a button, which is fine...but why? What would you do next with something saved to the clipboard? How do you save things to the clipboard? (In the absence of a button which does it all for you)and how do you work with what you've saved once you find it. How do you quickly access the clipboard without resorting to the 'find files or folders function?' I've found a 'shortcut' type of clipboard viewer file when using the 'find files or folders' function,and sure enough, there's today's date sitting in there as promised by my tray calendar program, but I'd love to know how to make full use of this clipboard function - My OS is Windows 95.
(Cripes I feel sooo dense!!)

25-03-2001, 03:51 PM
Hi Lynne, the clipboard is a convenient well known location in which you can store data so you can transfer it from one file to another.In it's simplest form if you highlight some text in a file, select copy on the edit menu it will copy the selected text to the clipboard. You can then open some other file place the curser where you want the text to appear and again on the edit menu click paste and like magic the text from the first file appears in the second file.You can do this copy and paste with allsorts of data, you can copy the long and complicated url from the address box in internet explorer and paste it into an email message to a friend if you wish so it is a very useful facility.Once you have copied some data to the clipboard it will stay there until you overwrite it with some other data so you can paste it any number of times.

25-03-2001, 10:29 PM
...Here's a little tip with regards your Win95 'Clip Board'.

As PC has correctly pointed out, every time you paste something new to the clip board you lose the last thing that was there. However, Windows95 has a 'ClipBook' that you can save clippings to ... and reuse them.

To install it, put the Windows95 CD-ROM in your CD drive, and in the resulting
window, select Add/Remove Software. Go to the Windows Setup tab > click Have Disk > then click Browse > and move to d:\Other\Clipbook (where d is your CD-ROM drive letter.) The only file in that directory will be the CLIPBOOK.INF file. Double-click it. Check ClipBook Viewer and install it.

You will now be able to open 'ClipBook' through your Start menu, under the
Accessories heading.

27-03-2001, 10:00 AM
Hey, Thanks Peter!
As it turns out I've been making use of the clipboard all along and just didn't know it! I've been cutting and pasting anything I like the look from off the Web into Wordpad documents for ages - just didn't realise the stuff was going to the clipboard in between times.
Here's another query along the same lines - sometimes, what you copy doesn't paste exactly as it should appear in the destination document - is there any way to avoid this to save doing corrective editing?

27-03-2001, 10:12 AM
Thanks for your response e_Name, Unfortunately I don't have the Windows 95 installation disc, but have seen one for sale in a 2nd hand shop - would there be other advantages to my purchasing it do you think?