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06-02-1999, 06:21 PM
I read your magazine all the time, and enjoy the tips and tweaks for Win 95. I work at a local High School part time maintaining their computers, and find PCWORLD a valuable resource.

Recently I brought a Hewett Packard Palmtop 620lx, and began coping files accross from my desktop. I copied two small apps i found on the net (One was a word counter for pocket word, and the other a utility that allows you to use a keyboard in the serial port)

Both apps are under 15K, and from comletely different sites. When i try and run them on the palmtop i get an error message

'Fatal Application Error'
Application '...' has performed an illegal operation, yada yada yada.

Exception 0xc0000005 (Which is the same exception for both programs)

I have downloaded and installed other apps, including a registry explorer, and have tried to find this reference there, and also on Microsoft's Site, but with no luck.

Is there any way i can find the problem and fix it with an updated dll file?, or is it a problem with the rom chip?. I notice when i try and run these apps on my desktop, i get a similar error message - 'invalid link to 0x1000 - fix the link and run program again'