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20-03-2001, 06:23 PM
Recently I was preparing a fairly simpe single page A4 poster in MS Publisher 2000. After finishing the poster I saved and noted that the file was about 78KB. When I went to print the poster (one page only) it seemed to be taking a long time to download to the printer. I checked the printer dialogue box where the size of the file was given as 90MB. Yes, 90MB. I let the job run to see what would happen. It took 2 hours to download to the printer. It did finally print. I have a Pentium III with Win98SE, 128MB of RAM and a 20 Gb HD. My printer is an HP LaserJet 2100 with 20MB of memory. I would appreciate any comments on why the file size changed so dramatically from 78KB to 90MB when i sent it to the printer and what if anything I can do to remedy the problem.
Wyevern Price