View Full Version : 32 bit device driver problem at boot up

20-03-2001, 03:52 AM
Hi, can anyone please shed any light on the following problem.
When booting my computer, just before ME loads the blue screen of death appears and the following mesage is displayed: 32 bit device driver CDRPWD(01)+ 000AD23 has attempted to use a system device which is not loaded.
I press 'any' key a couple of times and the computer carrys on loading Windows and appears to operate normally. Any help would be most appreciated .
Thanks Billy C.

21-03-2001, 12:53 AM
Hello Billy
The error message you are getting relates to Adaptec's CD burning software's VXD driver.
At a guess I would say you have recently uninstalled this programme or have a conflict within the programme possibly caused by running Nero burning or similar as well as Direct CD.
Solution I would completely uninstall all CD burning programmes you have.
Then run Reg Clean and remove all registry entries for same.
Then reinstall the Burning programme you wish to use ( It is unwise but not impossible to run more than one burning programme)
After that your problem should be solved.