View Full Version : regular boot problems

19-03-2001, 10:03 PM
This is fast becoming a total pain UnoWhere!!
When I turn on the pc.. it gets as far as the initiate screen text... or it gets as far as the System Configuration text screen, then it just stops dead!
I'll hit 'reset', and generally it boots up ok, sometimes I have to go through the SafeMode.. no choice there.. it won't let me select anything else! Sometime a 'succesful' boot wil terminate in a 'blue screen'! and back I go to the start again. This is short on details - but there are few details to provide, no error msg's or the like, any chance it could be anything to do with the internal battery - effecting the cmos or ..??? boot settings.. ???
it's got me beat!
System is an old (3-4 years) , p166, 64megsAram, and 5gig disk(2).
Ohh and while we're on it.. the Start menu. after one of these crashes.. it's often back to LARGE icons~!~!AAaaarrghhhh!! any way to lock it in Small?

20-03-2001, 09:53 PM
I had that sorta random stuff happen when I had some dud RAM. You could get some new ram to swap out the old and then retest. Or you could send the PC to a reputable dealer to check. I doubt it's the BIOS. If that were the problem it probably would never boot or you'd get the same error all the time. Another PC I had used to do random stuff as a result of overheating. (You don't say if the boot probs are from a cold start or a warm restart,) but...if they seem to be restart issues, maybe your CPU is overheating. Check the fan on the CPU, the fan on the Video card (if it has one) and the fan on the power supply. That's about all I can suggest. As far as those icons are concerned, do a manual registry backup when you have the beast working properly. (See the Win Help menu if you don't know how to do that). Then when the next crash occurs, Windows will restore that good configuration, including the small icons. I think!