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15-09-2007, 08:20 PM
Hi all ^^

Currently I'm looking for a router that can limit how much bandwidth each port (PC) can use or possibly limit the speed that each port can use. Preferably it can have different restriction speeds for the net and LAN. I'm still quite new with the router specs and all, so thats why I'm here again ^^.

Have my eye on this router atm, belkin router (http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=122427#), though aint too sure if its capable of restriction speed or traffic to each port, sound like it does though, I could be wrong.

Provides dedicated bandwidth to each computer in your network, enabling error-free data transmission

My budget is low....round $150 max (I know i know, routers with these features dont come cheap, though I could be looking at the wrong direction), no wireless is prefered.

So any recommendation or suggestions would be great. Also this is only for a home network! :p

Thanks :)

15-09-2007, 09:14 PM
Wow, that is a complicated list of requirements, not to mention exhaustive. May I recommend going into a shop and looking at the routers yourself or actually calling each router manufacturer and just asking them.

15-09-2007, 11:02 PM
From the help file of my Belkin (similar to that one)
Client IP filters
The Router can be configured to restrict access to the Internet, e-mail or other network services at specific days and times. Restriction can be set for a single computer, a range of computers, or multiple computers.

URL Blocking
To configure the URL Blocking feature, specify the websites (www.somesite.com) and or keywords you want to filter on your network. Click "Apply Changes" to activate the change. To complete this configuration, you will need to create or modify an access rule in the Client IP filters section. To modify an existing rule, click the "Edit" option next to the rule you want to modify. To create a new rule, click on the "Add PC" option. From the "Access Control Add PC" section check the option for "WWW with URL Blocking" in the Client PC Service table to filter out the websites and keywords specified.

MAC Address Filtering
The MAC Address Filter is a powerful security feature that allows you to specify which computers are allowed on the network. Any computer attempting to access the network that is not specified in the filter list will be denied access. When you enable this feature, you must enter the MAC address of each client on your network to allow network access to each or copy the MAC address by selecting the name of the computer from the "DHCP Client List". To enable this feature, select "Enable". Next, click "Apply Changes" to save the settings.
...though I haven't tried any of these, so don't know how easy they are to set up, or effectiveness

15-09-2007, 11:13 PM
I have a Billion 7402L ADSL2+ that has bandwidth throttling per port, and also per destination IP. It was cheap (~$A125) when I bought it around 3 years ago. It is very reliable and stable/

16-09-2007, 06:19 AM
I cant help myself. Someone actually wants to reduce their internet speed ? Surely this must be a first ! I wish I had your problem:D

16-09-2007, 07:27 AM
I'm not going to bother downloading and reading the manual for that Belkin router but if it says anything like what Myth's one does then it will not limit the bandwidth or speed of each port. All it will do is what Myth has quoted, nothing fancy like bandwidth limiting. I've never actually heard of a router that will do this but if vinref says his does it.... :confused:

16-09-2007, 10:04 AM
Thanks for the replies, more are welcome.

I dont think what I'm looking for in a router is 'complicated' :horrified ? All I need is a router that can control traffic via each port/IP. Yes I have been looking around in shops, but like most products, info that on the box often are useless. Ringing up manufacturer wouldnt get me too far, would prefer actual users thoughts and experience or knowledge.

So yeah, it is not my internet speed that i want to reduce, it is the internet speed via the home network to a certain port/s or IP that I want to reduce. Obviously when bandwidth is NOT free, control is needed. I've given up on software methods.

As for the Billion 7402L, would check up on that, thanks.

Yeah a lot of routers that I came across have all these features where it can filter MAC addresses or IPs, URL blocking and firewall etc. Though what I'm looking for is not to block URLs or IPs but reduce the speed on certain ports/Ips when my bandwidth is almost exhausted. :help:

16-09-2007, 10:33 AM
Thanks for the replies, more are welcome.

Though what I'm looking for is not to block URLs or IPs but reduce the speed on certain ports/Ips when my bandwidth is almost exhausted. :help:

I'll second Clod's comment:thumbs:

There is a solution - Its called self control, if you are getting low on bandwidth then ease back on the time on line/downloads. Or if its family members do what I have had to do when my son wont get off - Pull the plug on the router, that stops it real fast:D

If that's not an option, and you are always going over the limit, then you need a better/bigger plan.
Who is your ISP - most have larger plans for very little extra cost.

Slowing down the speed wont do much apart from taking longer to get data through. Same amount of bandwidth would be used, just takes longer.

My:2cents: worth;)

16-09-2007, 11:30 AM
If only pulling the plug will work...:groan: , though this isnt something that I havnt tried before :p

Although the same amount of bandwidth used, in the long run its less bandwidth used. Say it takes about an hr to download a 700MB on 2Mbps connection, if I reduce it down to 56k speed, it'll take a good 42Hrs. Thus in a month less 700MB files will be downloaded :D compared to having the ability to download a 700MB file in less than an hr. However in reality it is not these huge files that I'm trying to reduce, it is those youtub vids, and google vids. I have younger siblings and their friends that just dont know what bandwidths are...thus is just stream, stream and stream :waughh: and obviously some time to pi$$ me off, they will download huge who knows what files. I dont mind them watching youtub or google vids but sometime they will just go overboard. Because of that I've not mention of wanting/having had blocked those sites.

Currently I'm with Xnet, going for more bandwidth would not be an option, as I'm already at the end of my budget (cur on 10GB 2mbps $43, old plan). Though I know its only a dollar or so for an extra gig. Even if I do get the extra gigs, theres nothing stopping them (siblings & friends) going overboard.

I know this also contradict my option in buying a router, though I have been thinking of getting a router for some time, having a switch and modem was good and all though but with the reduce in space and increase amount of cables...>_< .

16-09-2007, 11:39 AM
I don't know if this is possible - What you may? be able to do is call Xnet and ask them to throttle the speed back at a certain % point. I know that xtra will throttle you back to dial up speed on certain accounts once you go over your limit.

The down side of that is it will effect both the kids and your other family members as well.

Do they get an allowance ? Pocket money? -Tell them they will have to pay for the Bandwidth if they use it to much:D, you decide on the Cost /Mb & At what point, Let them see that in the real world you have to ususally pay for things you want.

I'm not showing off :groan: But In my case Our family doesn't have that problem we have 80Gb / month, but it does cost of course, but the costs come from the Business account, since I run a business from home, the biggest problem we have is getting our son off at night from his online games he plays - Hence I have had to pull the plug more than once.
I have told him I will put a program on that auto shuts down the PC at a certain time if he doesn't listen - guess his reaction to that :lol:

Pete O'Neil
16-09-2007, 12:00 PM
Pretty sure the hacked firmware for the Linksys WRT54G will allow you to do what you want, have a look at see is QoS is what you want. Otherwise the cheapest option maybe to set up an old PC with Smoothwall or a similar linux distro.