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13-03-2001, 09:39 PM
My son likes to chat to his friends using MSN, which is fine, but he ties up the phone line for hours on end and I am not always at home to limit his airtime. Is there any way that I can automatically restrict his connection to, say, 1 hour per day?
His win 95 machine connects to Zfree through our home network using Windows Internet Connection Sharing. My win 98 machine is the host, with a Rockwell v.34 33.6k internal modem. (My 56k external modem is useless on our lousy Telecom circuit).
I have found that my (ICS host) computer does not support hibernation as it uses the FAT32 format but I have also found that it ?cannot go on standby because a device driver or program won?t allow it.? This message appears even after closing all programs.
How can I find the offending driver, and would the host computer drop the internet connection if it went into standby?

P.S the spell checker in Word 97 does not recognise the words internet, standby or Rockwell. I guess they must be unsupported by Windows.

15-03-2001, 06:26 PM
I have been trying out a product called NetLaunch (freeware which is a bonus). While I haven't finished e 'exploring' it yet, there appear to be some options for 'Scheduled Connections' within its settings which may provide you with a solution. If not, there are quite a few Dialup Network 'managers' around on the net that will provide you with an appropriate solution.

Good luck.

PS NetLaunch website at http://www.primenet.com/~simpson