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13-03-2001, 07:34 AM
I have recently installed Windows 98 on a Pentium 100 (with 32 MB RAM). The floppy drive, however can't seem to access the 3.5' disk, giving messages such as can't access the disk or disk needing to be formatted.

There is no reported problem in the Device Manager of System (Control Panel). But there is an entry in the Problem Devices (Under Components, in System Information). Windows had somehow detected a TapeDrive which I assume is conflicting with the floppy disk. Is there a way of resolving this conflict ? Or do I have to get another floppy drive unit.

Thanks in advance


13-03-2001, 02:24 PM
press Window+Pause/Break key
move to device manager tab
by opening the appropriate device icon, the corresponding installed device is shown .
Right click the offending device and choose remove.
Depending on the device you may or may not have to reboot.
If the tape drive appears in this list remove it. If it doesnt appear in this list, check in control panels ADD/REMOVE and look for tape device software - remove it.
if the light on the front of the drive is constantly showing as ON then the ribbon cable needs to be reversed.
Also note
Drive A needs to be the connected to the end of the cable (-even though there is a match further along the cable )
Check in bio's setup during power on,
A: the mode three is switched off (on-only for LS20's)

B: Floppy seek is off.

c: Floppy cable is seated on the motherboard and in the right socket.

18-03-2001, 11:30 PM
Thanks for your suggestions. I checked all the parameters, and the floppy disk still is inaccessible. I also managed to get another cable and floppy disk to try out. But still no success. This can only lead to one conclusion, the floppy disk connector on the systemboard is faulty !! Oh well, thanks all the same.