View Full Version : Win 98 Auto Update

03-02-1999, 01:36 AM
Like a number of other correspondants I frequently have problems with the Windows 98 Update feature which intermitently will come up with a blank page.

I have visited Microsofts FAQs on the subject and their advice is to first remove the 'InstallEngineCtl Object' ActiveX Control from the C:\Windows\Downloaded program Files directory however on opening this folder I have found that the object is not present. Microsoft actually say that after deleting it, it can be reloading by re-visiting the Windows Update site on the net.
They then go on to talk of registering the DLL files associated with the Windows Update Web site and clearing the cache and history by clicking the run command and entering 'regsvr32 c:\windows\system\vbscript.dll'. following this, you are directed to type 'regsvr32 c:windows\system\mshtml.dll' Following this instruction, Microsoft advise that you clicck the general tab in the Temp Internet Files section then click 'delete files'.
After carrying out these instructions I have found that the Update web site begins to load but then I receive a 'scripting error message' with the option of debugging it. Clicking yes has no affect. The only option from here which I find has worked has been to re-load Windows 98 - a very frustrating and laborious task.

I have experienced the identical problems on three separate computers so I have to assume that it is a bug in the software.

Please Microsoft, come up with a fix - but in the mean time can anyone suggest a solution?