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27-07-2007, 08:27 AM
Hi Guys,

My partner unwittingly clicked on an .exe attachment on an email and now has a virus on her machine.
The computer will boot up but will only go so far untill the system error lsass.exe comes up. (It gets as far as the XP logo screen, goes blank and then comes up with this system error message). If you click OK the comp restarts itself and goes throught the same thing. (Searching the internet it says that if it has a capital "L" it is a genuine file, a small "l" means it's a virus).
How can I boot up to bypass this so I can repair it and get rid of the virus?
I had thought of reinstalling XP onto a new harddrive then using the fresh install to clean up the virus on the second hard drive. (If that makes sence!)
What do you guys reckon?


27-07-2007, 08:56 AM
try bootin to safe mode and if that works then you'll be able to run the a/v scanner....

27-07-2007, 09:23 AM
try bootin to safe mode and if that works then you'll be able to run the a/v scanner....

I have tried that but get the same system error message.
I was thinking of running XP restore but never having to do that procedure in the past I'm not too sure of the correct way to do that and if it works how to delete the rouge file so it will boot up so I can do a virus scan!


Speedy Gonzales
27-07-2007, 09:29 AM
Try hijackthis in my sig, if u can boot into safe mode put it in its own folder, run it then click on do a system scan and save a log.

Copy and paste the log here.

Or try trojan remover in my sig, if u can get to the site.

Install, update it then click on scan.

If you cant get to the site this is the link to the install file (http://www.simplysup.com/download/d/trsetup.exe)

If it doesnt do it in normal windows do it in safe mode.

The only thing if u cant get into normal windows or safe mode, u cant run turn system restore off.

Or try pressing F8 after u reboot choose use last known good config. See what happens then.

Then if things work, turn system restore off, then see whats in msconfig / startup tab. Go to start/run type msconfig.

27-07-2007, 09:44 AM
and.......failing all that.......slave the drive to another pc and run a scan....also you may want to save your data files/pics/docs etc at that time in case you got to reinstall windoze............

another thin you can try......boot with the windoze cd then run recovery console and try chkdsk /r it may be that it's not virus activity at all maybe just a corruption

28-07-2007, 09:28 PM
OK...I tried everything with no luck. In the end I put the harddrive into another comp and saved the relevant files etc and reinstalled XP.
Thanks for all of your suggestions.